About the Competition

Wings of Piano International Music Competition was established by V.K in 2012 and is held annually. The competition aims to provide a stage for music lovers and pop piano fans.

Through the competition, contestants can learn from other players, improve their piano skills, and also gain valuable on-stage experience and confidence. It would probably become one of your unforgettable glorious moments in life! ​​

Application ─ From 2022/7/4 Mon. 12:00 noon to 2022/7/25 Mon. 12:00 noon (UTC+8).
Finalists Announcement ─ 2022/8/8 Mon. 12:00 noon
Final Round ─ 2022/9/3 Sat.

“Let’s confidently stand on the stage, enjoy your moment, and make your dream come true!” ─ V.K

Wings of Piano International Music Competition is the first music competition in Asia that uses works from the artist himself as compulsory pieces and allows contestants to play along with official backing tracks.

Every year during the competition, there’s not only a live audience but also a number of viewers following the live stream. It has become one of the most relevant instrumental music competitions.


V.KFounder / Preliminary Round Judge / Final Round Judge

V.K is an iconic Asian pop pianist and composer from Taiwan. In addition to his own studio albums, he also makes music for multiple video games, advertisements, TV series, and films. Over these years, he has made some of the greatest hit songs and become one of the most popular crossover artists in Taiwan.

In September of 2020, V.K released a digital album “Endless Falling Lights : Supernova”, which was his first step into the J-pop music scene. In 2021, in order to encourage beginners to play more pieces made by Taiwanese composers, he published his elementary level sheet music book “V.K Elementary Piano Collection Vol. 1”.

V.K has a unique musical style that moves the audience and touches their heart without language. He has been performing across Europe, Asia, North and South America, gaining hearts and minds of fans around the world with his incredible musical talent. His music will definitely continue to shine across the globe.


Teacher ChiangFinal Round Judge

江老師(本名:江宇婷)為鋼琴家暨知名音樂類型Youtuber。 來自於苗栗縣,畢業於東海大學音樂系研究所,師承 陳敏華教授。


於2017年創立以推廣音樂為主的平台「LOL笑哈哈」(目前訂閱數46萬), 而成為大家口中的「江老師」。以風趣幽默及淺顯易懂的方式來推廣音樂,江老師渾然天成的浮誇與真誠特色受到大家喜愛。



Heng Yi ChouFinal Round Judge


  • 五月天鍵盤手
  • 高雄流行音樂中心 常務董事
  • 台北流行音樂中心 產業技術發展顧問
  • 台灣流行音樂產業技術發展協會 理事長


評審委員 三⾦評審

  • 第 20, 22, 23, 24, 26 屆金曲獎初審及複審委員
  • 第一屆、第五屆金音獎評審委員
  • 第 41 屆 電視金鐘獎評審委員
  • 第 56 屆 廣播金鐘獎評審委員

音樂製作 資深唱⽚製作⼈、編曲、作曲⼈

  • 擔任五月天約聘鍵盤手及製作編曲團隊從 2000 年至今
  • 曾任陳昇&新寶島康樂隊跨年演唱會音樂總監
  • 周杰倫海外演唱會鍵盤手
  • 張惠妹 A-Mei 海外演唱會樂隊領班及鍵盤手
  • 民國 107 年全國運動會在宜蘭擔任音樂總設計
  • 2018 總統府國慶光雕展擔任音樂總監作曲人
  • 2019 文化總會 點亮十三層光雕公共藝術 音樂設計
  • 入圍第 14 屆新加坡金曲獎最佳單曲製作人楊宗緯《洋蔥》


  • 連續三年獲文化部流行音樂人才培育案補助並主辦
  • Top Session 頂尖音樂職人養成計畫培育流行音樂專業人才
  • 國立清華大學碩士班流行音樂人才培訓 共同主持人


  • 重要製作作品:楊宗緯《洋蔥》、家家《忘不記》、戴愛玲《空港》
  • 重要編曲作品:溫嵐《傻瓜》、莫文蔚《如果沒有你》、戴愛玲《累格》、五月天樂團 《突然好想你》《溫柔》《知足》《擁抱》《時光機》《我不願讓你一個人》《生命有一種絕 對》、蔡依林《反覆記號》、楊丞琳《天使之翼》《我們都傻》、李聖傑《眼底星空》、梁 靜茹《聽不到》《親親》《純真》……

貝森朵夫 Mod:185VC

Piano to be Used in the Final Round

Bösendorfer Grand Piano 185VC
The Parlour grand – A born cosmopolitan

Experience the unique qualities of the new VC technology. More than a century of piano manufacturing tradition combined with state-of-the-art technological possibilities result in an impressive volume of sound, brilliant colours and exceptional ability to project tone.

With its compact dimensions, this grand piano masters the most demanding interpretations with ease. Close your eyes and be inspired by the unmistakeable sound – unique, multifaceted, expressive.