About the Competition

The Wings of Piano International Music Competition was founded by V.K in 2012 with the aim of providing a platform for music enthusiasts and lovers of pop piano to showcase their talents. This competition offers participants the opportunity to challenge themselves, learn from one another, and accumulate valuable stage performance experience. By participating in this event, individuals can cultivate their confidence and create remarkable moments of achievement that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Registration Period ─ From July 10, 2023 (Monday) 13:00 to August 1, 2023 (Tuesday) 13:00 (UTC+8)
Finalists Announcement ─ August 7, 2023 (Monday) 13:00
Final Round Date ─ September 9, 2023 (Saturday)

“Confidently stand on the stage, enjoy your moment, and let music bring your dreams to life!” ─ V.K

The Wings of Piano International Music Competition is the first pop music competition in Asia that showcases the organizer’s own compositions. To ensure an authentic representation of V.K’s musical style, participants are allowed to use official accompaniment CDs during their performances. The event is open to the public, providing an opportunity for the fans to witness how others interpret V.K’s works and gain inspiration for their own performances. The competition creates an exciting and immersive atmosphere, akin to a splendid feast of diverse musical expressions.


V.KFounder / Preliminary / Final Round Judge

V.K is an iconic Asian pop pianist and composer from Taiwan. In addition to his own studio albums, he also makes music for multiple video games, advertisements, TV series, and films. Over these years, he has made some of the greatest hit songs and become one of the most popular crossover artists in Taiwan.

In September of 2020, V.K released a digital album “Endless Falling Lights : Supernova”, which was his first step into the J-pop music scene. In 2021, in order to encourage beginners to play more pieces made by Taiwanese composers, he published his elementary level sheet music book “V.K Elementary Piano Collection Vol. 1”.

V.K has a unique musical style that moves the audience and touches their heart without language. He has been performing across Europe, Asia, North and South America, gaining hearts and minds of fans around the world with his incredible musical talent. His music will definitely continue to shine across the globe.


Ru's Piano (RuRu)Final Round Judge

RuRu obtained her master’s degree in Piano Performance from National Taiwan Normal University. As an ACG (Anime, Comic, and Games) pianist, she excels at transforming anime and video game music into solo piano renditions. In 2018, she created her YouTube channel “Ru’s Piano Ru味春捲,” where she releases weekly piano adaptations of ACG music. Over the course of three years, her channel has garnered over 2 million subscribers and accumulated more than 300 million views.

Her channel features popular themes from series like Dragon Ball, Naruto, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Demon Slayer, Final Fantasy, Nier: Automata, and many others. Several of her videos have reached tens of millions of views, and her musical works are renowned internationally. She has collaborated with well-known games such as Honkai Impact 3rd, Genshin Impact, Diablo, Magicami, MapleStory, Honkai Kingdoms, Tower of Saviors, Deemo, Uma Musume, ETERNAL, One Punch Man, Hunter x Hunter, and Touhou LostWord, adapting their music into piano performances.

Teaching and Judging Experience

2016年 受邀擔任維也納音樂檢定 鋼琴/長笛評審委員
2017年 受邀擔任新竹菁英盃 鋼琴大賽評審委員
2017年 受邀擔任維也納菁英盃 鋼琴大賽評審委員
2017年 委託擔任光仁國小音樂班 鋼琴個別課 代課老師
2018年 委託擔任南門國中音樂班 鋼琴個別課 代課老師
2020年 受邀擔任琴之翼V.K克國際音樂大賽 鋼琴評審

Performance Experience

2019年 於台北世貿「台北國際電玩展 橘子-魔力寶貝」鋼琴演出
2019年 FF34 開拓動漫祭 - 戶外快閃動漫音樂活動 鋼琴演出
2019年 於中正紀念堂演藝廳「動漫鋼琴音樂會-所謂明天」鋼琴演出
2019年 於巴赫廳 舉辦「2019 林儒儒老師 師生聯合音樂會」
2019年 於台北藝文推廣處「動漫三重奏-陪伴你的動漫音樂」鋼琴演出
2019年 受邀參與河岸留言「台北ACG Band Live」鋼琴演出
2019年 受邀參與新加坡「EOY J-Culture Festival」鋼琴演出
2020年 於台北世貿「台北國際ACG博覽會 崩壞3rd」鋼琴演出
2020年 於台北國家演奏廳「動漫鋼琴音樂會-音樂界的第三股勢力」鋼琴演出
2020年 於高雄音樂館 「動漫鋼琴音樂會-林儒儒與張羣禾」鋼琴演出
2020年 於高雄駁二棧貳庫「動漫嘉年華演唱會」鋼琴演出
2020年 於高雄美麗島站「高雄捷運Hight Light光合作用點燈儀式」鋼琴演出
2021年 於南港展覽館「台北國際電玩展 崩壞3rd」鋼琴演出
2021年 於高雄駁二藝術特區「Megaport 大港開唱」與樂團Beyond Cure聯合演出
2021年 於高雄至德堂「卡通半世紀-日本動畫50年精選音樂會」與高雄管樂團聯合演出 擔任鋼琴獨奏嘉賓
2022年 於南港展覽館「台北國際電玩展 崩壞3rd」鋼琴演出
2022年 於台北世貿「漫畫博覽會 崩壞3rd、崩壞:星穹鐵道」鋼琴演出
2022年 於台北三創「魂燃天乘 星光閃閃 台北動漫演唱會」鋼琴演出
2023年 於南港展覽館「台北國際電玩展 崩壞3rd、原神、復活邪神」鋼琴演出
2023年 於台北三創「暗黑破壞神IV 快閃店」鋼琴演出


CosinePreliminary / Final Round Judge

Currently serving as the Music Director/Music Producer for “WhatAbout the Music”.
Currently working as a keyboardist for “Respect Band,” “yesido Band,” and “Alien Huang x TAT.”
Currently a contracted songwriter and composer at Major 7 Creative.
Currently collaborating as a music producer with Octave Music.
Formerly worked as a part-time assistant instructor for Electronic Music/Sound Production at Fu Jen Catholic University’s Department of Music.
Formerly served as a music producer and studio assistant at Pu-Fei Recording Studio.
Nominated for the “Producer of the Year, Instrumental” at the 18th Golden Melody Awards.
Previously worked as a musician for artists such as Alein Huang, Lai Ci-Hong, Nine Chen, Shi Shi, SevenFat, Lai (Jason), Vicky Chen, Genie Chuo, Terry Lin, Chief Chao, Ben Wu, Kris Kuan, and Da Xi Men.

Cosine comes from an academic background and completed her studies at the Music Department in Stella Matutina Girls’ High School and Fu Jen Catholic University. She pursued further studies in the Graduate Music Program at the same university.

During high school, she was influenced by rock music, but it was during her university years that she began exploring independent music and film scoring. After graduating from university, she engaged in cross-disciplinary music, record production, and exhibition production. During her time in the graduate institute, she started participating in pop music and concert performances as well as production.

Currently, she works as a full-time musician with expertise in music production, arranging, keyboard, and programming. Her musical proficiency spans across various styles, including Pop, Rock, J-pop, and orchestral music.



  • 溫妮 單曲「矮還愛」編曲、製作人。
  • 隨性樂團 Random 單曲「你的聲音」(《中年病》專輯)編曲、製作人。
  • 賴晏駒「Perfect Clown」製作人。


  • ZENBØ「木吉他民歌西餐廳」beatsmaker。
  • 第58屆金馬獎開場大片 林柏宏【著迷】編曲、音樂製作。
  • 五月天陪你跨年演唱會「線上特別版」MAYDAY FLY TO 2022,離開地球表面 序曲 編曲。
  • 焦凡凡「再見了 親愛的」製作人、編曲。
  • 賴晏駒「Welcome to My Paradise」製作人、作曲、編曲。
  • 龔言脩「離心臟最近的距離」製作人、編曲。
  • 布朗「用力想你」作曲、編曲、製作人。
  • 陳昊森《新生俱樂部》,後台 Backstage。
  • 布朗「用力想你」作曲、編曲、製作。


  • 黃鴻升專輯《Plan B》製作人,「地球上最無聊的下午」、「忍者契約」、「Phone Home」。
  • 田馥甄《一一巡迴演唱會》「不醉不會」編曲。
  • 黃鴻升單曲「我不是空笑夢」製作人。
  • 賴晏駒「乾我什麼事」發片演唱會,內湖ATT Show Box。
  • 七月半「夜露死苦」發片演唱會,Zepp New Taipei。
  • 賴慈泓「賴慈泓的第一場演唱會」專輯《這就是人生啊》發片巡迴演唱會,台北公館河岸留言,臺中沃茲音樂藝術。
  • 黃鴻升「地球上最浪漫的演唱會」,Legacy Taipei。
  • 陳忻玥「Am I Who I Am」發片演唱會,Legacy Taipei。
  • 黃鴻升「我不是空笑夢」、「地球上最無聊的下午」MV。
  • 黃鴻升「綜藝完很大」六週年演唱會。
  • 賴慈泓 KKBOX 風雲榜。


  • 黃鴻升單曲「Plan B」作曲、編曲、製作人。
  • 趙傳「老男孩」全球巡迴演唱會杭州站,杭州黃龍體育館。
  • 孫盛希 Programmer,「Simple Urban+」水舞廣場。
  • 孫盛希 Programmer,「希遊記巡回音樂會」Legacy Taipei。
  • 孫盛希 Programmer,「臺北爵士音樂節」大安森林公園。
  • 趙傳「老男孩」全球巡迴演唱會,馬來西亞雲頂站。
  • 黃鴻升&TAT「Plan B 台北演唱會」三創。
  • 第30屆金曲奬陳奕迅開場演出樂手。
  • 李玟 Coco「You & I」世界巡迴演唱會,音樂製作,「刀馬旦」國樂編曲。
  • 黑松C&C 廣告配樂製作。
  • 吳亦凡「天地東西」世界巡迴演唱會,單曲「天地」國樂編曲。
  • 黃鴻升單曲「蒸發」、「人生定番」作曲、製作人。
  • 無双樂團 十週年專輯《霓裳羽衣》製作人,「霓裳羽衣」beats maker。


  • 麗絲 Liz 單曲《Crush On Liz in Crazy Paradise》製作人,「瘋狂樂園」編曲。
  • 黃鴻升《HUMANS》演唱會,台北Legacy、香港麥花臣廣場。
  • 康妮媚單曲《初聲 New Born》作曲、編曲、製作人。
  • 滾石《夢想慈九,希望盛開》中國巡演。


  • 陳零九發片演唱會,台北Legacy。
  • 吳思賢「花蓮夏戀嘉年華」演出。
  • 吳思賢演唱會,台北Legacy。
  • 黃鴻升《人類 HUMAN》專輯製作人。
  • 學院王國單曲「YUD」製作人。


  • 黃鴻升《The Shining》巡迴演唱會。
  • 林志炫「OneTake 林志炫世界巡迴演唱會」。
  • 「學院王國首張同名專輯」專輯製作人。


  • 「V.K克 2015 Best For You 演奏會」。
  • 黃鴻升《生日玩唱會》上海淺水灣。


  • 卓文萱《一匹黑馬》廣州中央車站演唱會。
  • GPL 2014 夏季賽總決賽演出(南港展覽館)。
  • 大囍門「貢寮海洋音樂祭」演出。
  • 黃鴻升《愛。進化》廣州中央車站演唱會。
  • 黃鴻升《自以為我以為》編曲、配唱、製作。


  • 2013-14 林志炫「1314 OneTake 林志炫世界巡迴演唱會」編曲、製作、樂手。
  • 音樂劇「搖滾芭比 Hedwig and the Angry Inch」樂手。
  • 2*Sweet《青春物語》編曲、配唱、製作。
  • 黃鴻升《超有感 新歌演唱會》ATT for Fun Show Box。
  • 動畫《夢見》「進化元音」吉他手,「開拓動漫祭FF22」(台大體育館)演出。
  • 「V.K克」2013世界巡演台北站《第三樂章》音樂會(國家音樂廳)。


  • 黃鴻升《夜王》演唱會,台灣、新加坡、香港演出。
  • Respect 尊敬樂團單曲《Fly Away》。
  • 布朗《用力專輯首唱會》The Wall演出。


  • 布朗《用力》專輯製作。
  • 大囍門,北京「摩登天空音樂節」、香港「海洋音樂祭」演出。
  • 布朗「Japan Loves Taiwan - One Love」ATT for Fun Show Box演出。
  • 「Rock x Symphony - Keep the Faith」製作人,管弦樂編寫。


  • BeCos+樂團單曲《Emerging Dawn》製作。


  • 「彭佳慧與大囍門樂團」《跳起來音樂節》演出。
  • V.K克首張演奏專輯《鏡夜》緋櫻 編曲。
  • BeCos樂團單曲《Chapter One》製作。


  • 郭星妤演奏會「2008精靈喜願之舞」音樂會執行。


  • 板橋文化音樂祭─茱莉亞管絃樂團音樂會。
  • 《精靈雙人舞》編曲、錄音。
  • 《精靈幻想國》編曲。


  • 製作《精靈的手指舞》入圍第十八屆金曲獎最佳專輯製作人。
  • 大愛劇場《大地之子》原聲帶,「慈誠隊歌」編曲、錄音。
  • 《夢土─部落之心》製作助理、配唱。
  • 《久石讓世界巡迴首站台灣站》舞台總監,國家音樂廳。


Veronica YenPreliminary Round Judge

  • 荷蘭第三屆國際學生鋼琴大賽第一名及指定曲演奏獎
  • 作品「英倫四季」獲 2021 第十八屆賽爾維亞國際作曲比賽第一名
  • 作品「西班牙的水漾花園」獲國際 GOCAA 作曲比賽第一名
  • 台灣首位以 Headliner 身份,登上國際頂級郵輪的古典鋼琴獨奏家,巡演世界五十餘國
  • 「探索,深邃,並完全詮釋出作曲家的初衷!」英國 The Herald 先驅報,愛丁堡獨奏會樂評
  • 獨奏專輯「地中海的琴詩」,獲 Muzik 年度最佳專輯。
  • 古典創作專輯「歐洲幻想曲」獲誠品古典排行第一名。
  • 2021 全新古典創作專輯「遙遠的地方」博客來古典排行第一名。

Pianist Veronica graduated with honors as a soloist from the Royal Academy of Music (RAM) in the UK, studying under the guidance of department head Joanna MacGregor and Professor Patsy Toh. Performing as a soloist worldwide, her poetic and delicate expressions on the piano have gained immense popularity among audiences worldwide, receiving standing ovations at solo concerts in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

She pursued Art History and Architectural History at the University of Edinburgh, and also studied Language and Literature, which enriched her creative abilities on stage. In addition to solo classical performances, she also composes, explores internal piano techniques and toy piano adaptations, and collaborates with dancers, poets, and painters.

Veronica’s “Piano Theater” tour in Taiwan sold out completely, and she has been interviewed by various news channels such as Public Television, Formosa TV, Eastern Broadcasting, and CTV. Her compositions have been praised by Utar Artun, a composition professor at Berkeley College of Music in the USA, as “Effective, imaginative, and touching!”

In 2015, she gave a TED talk, and in 2016, Veronica initiated the “Taiwan Dreams 101” tour, visiting nearly a hundred campuses in Taiwan to inspire young students in finding their life missions through their dreams.

Apart from music, Veronica is passionate about traveling, writing, and sharing art. She has traveled to more than fifty countries worldwide and has worked as an art critic translator, English host, and has been involved in sculpture creation and ballet performances. She looks forward to incorporating diverse artistic influences into her music to present a multitude of imaginative perspectives on life.

臉書:維若妮卡 Veronica Yen



Zaya began learning music at the age of 10. After graduating from the Graduate Institute of Transdisciplinary Performing Arts at National Taiwan University of Arts and the Chinese Music Department at Tainan National University of the Arts, she pursued studies in Performing Arts Market Research. Subsequently, she entered the doctoral program in Graduate Institute of Cultural & Creative Design at Tungfang Design University and earned a Ph.D. in the field of cultural creative design.

Zaya has recorded and released multiple albums and has participated in various musical theater and stage performances. She has also gained valuable expertise through her extensive experience in performing and hosting events.

Currently, Zaya holds the position of Assistant Professor in the Department of Performing Arts at Shu-Te University.

Facebook Page: 小彩Zaya
Instagram: Ningcai_zaya

貝森朵夫 Mod:185VC

Final Round Piano

Bösendorfer Grand Piano 185VC
The Parlour grand – A born cosmopolitan

Experience the unique qualities of the new VC technology. More than a century of piano manufacturing tradition combined with state-of-the-art technological possibilities result in an impressive volume of sound, brilliant colours and exceptional ability to project tone.

With its compact dimensions, this grand piano masters the most demanding interpretations with ease. Close your eyes and be inspired by the unmistakeable sound – unique, multifaceted, expressive.